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In shameful madness, I present to you – The Real Nate Maybe: May I have your attention, please? ) Neoliberal assclowns love the Nate man “Clinton, Clinton, Clinton, Nate Silver, I’ll stick with him Look at him, talking all loud mathing with who-knows-what, pitching for you-know-who” “ he can’t wear a suit though” Yeah, I probably got Donald Trump wrong because my math’s loose, It’s no worse, than what’s going on in the Fox editor’s room Sometimes, I wanna wreck NBC because they’re obtuse, I can’t But it’s cool for Diggler to mock me; fair use!

“My numbers on your lips, my numbers on your lips” Ripping Chris Mathews, just for random giggles and shits Yeah that’s the message we deliver, treat you like kids And expect you not to know what a damn exit poll is Of course your gonna know that we forced it By that time, I’m of course paid Disney got that funny money, don’t they?

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So my husband created Husband Revolution, a Facebook page dedicated to encouraging and praying for husbands.As previously stated, I am not responsible in any way shape or form if the the putrid insanity above causes your mind to actively rot or gives you intestinal cramps.For those of you somehow unfamiliar with the tune, the original song is called “The Real Slim Shady” and it’s by Eminem – you can see the full video below but be warned, there’s some excessive and offensive language involved: PS – Fuck Hamilton.Some husbands also struggle with desiring intimacy with their wife, and the rejection causes tension in the relationship.On the other hand, women are brokenhearted that our men have stopped pursuing us.I felt led to start a page that would encourage and pray for other wives.As the Facebook page grew, my husband and I realized that there is a large number of wives who are hurting in their marriage.Often the responsibilities of life, work, and children get in the way and married couples forget to nurture their relationship. In relationships, the tendency to criticize and search for shortcomings in our partner can often supersedes all other thought processes. Or…perhaps, an opportunity to rediscover our partner in a new light. There is an underlying system of spousal/partner abuse I have observed with many of the couples I see. “My husband doesn’t complete me.” Words once spoken through my own gritting teeth, I now say to my own husband. 2016 Nomination Process, 538, ABC, Al Giordano, analytics, Barney Frank, Bill Kristol, Cenk Uygur, Chapo Trap House, Chris Mathews, Chuck Todd, CNN, Democrats, Diss Rap, Donald Trump, elections, Eminem, Filks, Fuck Hamiltion, Glenn Beck, Harry Enten, Hillary Clinton, Howard Kurtz, Humor, Jokes, lyrics, making fun of Nate's hair, Media, music, Nate Silver, NBC, NYT, Paul Krugman, Poetry, political pundits, Politics, punditry, Republicans, Take Downs, The Real Nate Maybe, The Real Slim Shady, Wolf Blitzer Editor’s Note: honestly, I have no goddamn idea what’s wrong with me kids; it’s like some kind of mental disease.“Bernie Bros are all animals, some of them mechanical, who think Hillary Clinton is openly tyrannical (DERP! Yo shit, little Paul-y Krugman better switch me chairs So I can talk shit with Kristol daily and Howie Kurtz We could just argue over who broke Glenn Beck first Chuck Todd, could have us all on NBC “Sure, that’s cute, but Sanders voters are a disease” I would podcast about it on MP3 And tell the world Clinton’s gonna win through sick cheats ( I’m sick of you grilling my boys, shoot, all it does is annoy me It’s like Carl Diggler has been sent here to destroy me!) But if we bust out the manacles and anecdotes Then there’s no reason that we can’t hand Clinton another vote Fuck your damn democracy, we got the antidote Follow where the money goes, cable media fucking blows… And there’s a million Chapos, ask Al G They don’t like me; they track my fails just to spite me So tread lightly; they might wanna fight me It just might be, they’re sick of me lying nightly…