Accomodating lens

This technology is known as a non-accommodating “monofocal” IOL.With the latest advances, having clear vision at only one distance is no longer the only option.A deluxe multifocal / accommodating lens is designed to provide a full range of vision—near, far and everything in between.Medicare and private insurance provide the basic coverage and allow you to pay for the upgrade, if you choose to do so.Presbyopic IOL technology can not only correct impaired distance vision, but also maintain the eye’s focusing power for reading and computer work.Not every patient is a good candidate for the presbyopic intraocular lenses.These lenses are associated with a high degree of glasses independence in appropriate candidates.That means you may be able to function well without your glasses for many activities compared to individuals with monofocal IOLs.

For example, you may find you are able to drive and see your dashboard, but have difficulty reading your grocery shopping list without glasses.You may recall from earlier pages that accommodation is the natural process that allows you to focus from distance to near, and at each distance in between.The advantage of these lenses, is that they are not associated with glare, halos, and decreased contrast sensitivity to the same degree as multifocal IOLs.In addition, if you have an astigmatism, you must have it corrected in order to maximize the benefit of these lenses. The design of the lens that allows you to focus at multiple distances can also create halos around and glare from lights.Otherwise, you will not achieve your maximum level of glasses independence. Mostly, this affects patients at night when they are driving.However, they are less effective at achieving glasses independence when compared to multifocal IOLs, because their range of focus is more limited.With these lenses, you can achieve good distance vision and, usually, good intermediate vision.These lenses have hinges and are designed to bend inside your eye with the contraction and relaxation of the ciliary muscles that normally control accommodation.They are sometimes referred to as pseudo-accommodating IOLs for that reason.There are several types of multifocal lenses available today.Each is designed to give you clear distance vision, but can also give you clear intermediate and near vision.