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That got me excited and I thought I was all set, I tested the SSLVPN client and it authenticated and connected and looked like it was working.

It wasn’t until later that evening when I went to use the VPN that I realised it wasn’t working at all, and even though the connection looked fine there was no network traffic being received by the VPN client.

We had an immediate need for our VASS Coordinator to access the VASS web site and obviously had problems after the IE9 update.

This week we were challenged again when we were asked to add Remote App VASS for two other members of staff.

This didn’t seem to be an issue with the way the RDP sessions work on the Remote App server The last line of the VASS.

While I’ve no doubt that the service the site provides is essential for our school and students, the site itself with it’s browser restrictions and configuration requirements make accessing the VASS website from anywhere impossible While VCAA have recently published their requirements for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 9, they have only done so and supported IE9 since January 2012, a lethargic ten months after the IE9 release.While we currently use a GPO dedicated to the VASS browser settings for our SOE desktops, we weren’t prepared to wait for VASS to support IE9 before we updated our fleet of staff tablets to the latest browser.This time last year we were trialling Remote App for remote access to Synergetic, our school database system.Since the release of the i Pad we’ve been under pressure from all and sundry to purchase some and put them around the school, especially in the junior years.The i Pad’s consumer focus makes it a nightmare on the network, and the concessions that a systems administrator has to make between device permissions, network authentication, wireless security makes them a high maintenance device.The last step was to create add a new Remote App pointing to the VASS.CMD and distribute the new RDP file to those users With this in place, it only takes a couple of minutes to add a new VASS user by taking an image of their USB dongle and updating the VASS.Power Point and One Note gain an Academic menu which in Power Point is used to start a shared preso, and in One Note is used to connect to the preso.Even though we have separate VLAN’s for staff and students it was easy to get the machines talking to each other over the network.Since the virtual floppy in VMware wasn’t an option for 3 different users, we found a utility called IMDISK which was perfect since it works on 64bit Server 2008 R2 and has the benefit of only being visible to the logged on user, so the these VASS users would only be able to see their own “USB Dongle”, not all three.Now remembering that Remote App is just a clever way of using an RDP session into a server, we could use %username% in our batch file so IMDISK would load the desired virtual floppy VASS.