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look the same (except for the metallic-pink rose gold model) as last year's i Phones. There are lots of other improvements, too: better cameras. And always-on (and I mean -on -- unless you turn it off) Siri.

And, something I didn't even get a chance to test fully: a completely redesigned construction with a reinforced glass screen, which Apple promises is sturdier all-around.

And i OS could use splashier ways of taking advantage of it, too, like that animated lock screen. Down the road this is going to enable major, major changes in how i Phones and i OS work. Most of my friends and family didn't necessarily care about the i Phone's new features. My brother-in-law just wanted Live Photos to help him go back and pick better photos, like Burst Mode.

What if I could push through folders, or push-to-magnify, dipping in and out of views? My wife is long overdue for an upgrade from the i Phone 4S, but she didn't care about 3D Touch. My mom already has an i Phone 6, and other than needing more storage for her photos she didn't see anything new she needed, either.

Some apps do a lot with these new ideas, especially Mail.

It's legitimately better to have it than not have it, but I don't expect its killer apps to emerge for at least a couple of months.But the apps that are emerging to take advantage of it are slowly coming, and those could get really interesting. You could press down harder on virtual piano keys (Smule's Magic Piano app added this function already).Racing games can get analog gas pedals (AG Racer added this, and it's one of the best demonstrations of 3D Touch).It's never been a better time to buy last year's i Phone. She pressed on the hypnotically-animated lock screen, a swimming fish. And its newest features aren't as instantly game-changing, at least not on the surface.That's obvious: it's an S-year i Phone, and Apple always uses these to tweak design and ramp up processor speeds.The ability to pull up menus in the i Phone almost feels like right-clicking on a computer and getting a contextual menu. But you don't need to use it, you can always do things the same old way as always, with regular touch controls. And, those menus that pop up don't offer all the options I'd want.They're not all that customizable, either: what 3D Touch does, or doesn't, do is mostly up to app developers.I think it will, down the road, when more apps are here. I spent a week with the i Phone 6S and 6S Plus (in rose gold and gold, respectively), taking them everywhere I went, from farmer's markets in New Jersey to tailgating at a New York Jets game, to commuting on New Jersey Transit through the Meadowlands and to my kid's meet-the-teacher night.I showed them to my friends, my family, anyone I met and got their opinions, too.We'll get to that in the next few weeks, but that alone could make a difference for a lot of would-be buyers.3D Touch might be the "Next Big Idea" in touchscreens and interfaces.But does it make these new i Phones must-haves for that reason alone?