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2012, seems like a whirlwind in Ari’s dating life, with another romance listed on the dating cards.

Rumor has it that the American beauty and Australian You Tube star were linked in an on-and-off-again relationship.

Believe it or not, Liam and Miley have changed a lot since 2009 when they confirmed they were dating and this is their story. During filming, she met an attractive Australian who won her heart immediately. Miley said that usually she intimidates boys, but in the case of Liam, he was the one to let the former Disney girl speechless. In September of that same year, both confirmed that between them there was more than a beautiful friendship.

Although rumors pointed to the obvious connection, it wasn’t until Liam was photographed at an afterparty for one of Miley’s shows in Los Angeles when he finally accepted that he had feelings for her.

With Liam, she starred on several red carpet moments in which their fans expected to see them and confirm that their relationship was going well.

Second break up Things did not seem to be the best between Miley and Liam, so much that for the actress’ 18 birthday, she invited Avan Jogia, a boy she spent all night with.

The big-hearted singer was left with a broken one as the pair split just a few months later; Ari admitted that it was a “horrible, horrendous breakup.” Note to self: do not enter into any kind of relationship with your co-workers.

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backup dancer, Jordan Viscomi after her big break-up with Graham in 2011.The girl with the killer ponytail and effortless vocals is not only known for her childhood rise to stardom, but also for her famous hook-ups.At 24-years-old, her dating life has been in the limelight from her very first boyfriend, for all to see including famous You Tube stars, singers and rappers.Both looked very happy and smiling and the blonde wore her engagement ring.Although they resumed their relationship a few months ago and Miley has been going to Australia more often than ever, both had waited for the euphoria of seeing them together once more to gradually calm down before they appear on camera again.It was said that Jai and Ariana broke up due to her infidelity with The Wanted’s, Nathan Sykes. A Twitter spat left Arianators backing the popstar when claims came to light that Jai didn’t support her when her grandfather died – shame on you Jai, a girl always needs a shoulder to cry on!After sharing a duet together, it’s only logical that these two singers shared something a little more romantic.Several photographs of Cyrus with Jogia circulated online and in them they seemed to be kissing passionately. Happy again It was only a matter of months for them to realize that their chemistry was too strong and they could not be separated for long.In February 2011 Miley and Liam showed the cameras again how in love they were.The jewel is a 3.5 carats relic of the late nineteenth century.The news spread throughout the world and the happy girl tweeted: "Thank you all for the love. I feel like all my dreams are coming true..."Third break up Perhaps the most shocking one.