Best friend and ex boyfriend dating

It was a shitty thing to do, and I’m not even gonna try and justify it. His best friend is none of these things, and on top of that he’s funny and so freakin’ hot. Plus he’s way more my type, and actually knows what he’s doing in bed. Fast forward a few months and we’re basically dating now, and my ex still has no idea. I was sleeping with this guy named Rowan and one morning I woke up in his bed, feeling annoyed about an argument we had the night before.As I was doing the walk of shame downstairs I spotted his younger, and much fitter brother, Louis.His best friend was the fitter, funnier and more interesting version of my boyfriend, but I realised this fact a little too late.Things got really bad between my boyfriend, our relationship got toxic. He fucked someone a day after we broke up, so naturally, I fucked his best friend.One night we all ended up at the same house party and I knew I wanted to get with his mate.I thought I’d give my ex the chance to make an effort, to try and win me back.You’ve started seeing a guy, things are going well and then you meet his best friend.At this precise moment you realise you’ve made a huge mistake – that’s how it normally goes.

My boyfriend was a nice guy who could do no wrong but that became boring.

And they’ve hated each other ever since, but I’m not even sorry.

I cheated on my (now ex) boyfriend of nearly four years with his best mate. My ex was the typical nice guy fuckboy who was actually a controlling, manipulative dick head.

I had been good friends with one of his best guy mates throughout our relationship, and when me and my boyfriend broke up, he was super nice and suddenly I realised how fit he actually was.

Literally about a month had passed and I had been constantly flirting with my ex’s best mate over text.