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Binky was adamant that JP remained firmly positioned at the top at all times. I had my waters broken the next morning, had an epidural and she came out at pm.In the end it was over really quickly, like, a couple of pushes and she was out. “I thought Josh was going to be really irritating and annoy me but he was actually really good.” While she’s not exactly about to join the dole queue, two months ago Binky announced that after being on the show from day one, she wouldn’t be returning to MIC, preferring to concentrate on “the next big chapter”.She says today that she’s relishing being “away from the drama”. I’m now a mother, and that just doesn’t interest me any more.

mi) and borders Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bhutan, Burma and Bangladesh.The capital of India is New Delhi with the largest city being Mumbai.Hindi is recognized as the main official language, with English acting as a subsidiary official and most common second language.Tonight night, viewers can watch how she and JP have coped with the first few weeks of parenthood in the second episode of spin-off show Born In Chelsea.Binky hopes it will lead to a series after the first instalment was so warmly received.He cut the cord and it was all really lovely.” India latched on “straight away” and has breastfed from the off without any major hitches.And apart from having to “sit on a doughnut for a couple of weeks” following the birth, Binky’s recovery has been textbook.The two are thoroughly enjoying finding their feet as wet-behind-the-ears parents.“Weirdly, I feel like everything has fallen into place,” says Binky, whose real name is Alexandra although she’s been known by her nickname since childhood. It’s been very tricky and quite hard work and we just kept ‘missing’ each other. He loves getting involved at bath time and with nappy changes.But despite his goofiness and propensity for playing the fool, 27-year-old property developer JP has proved himself to be Binky’s rock.“I was his first relationship,” says Binky, explaining why he struggled with the idea of settling down.