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In double-barrelled names, the hyphen is almost pushing one name away from the other.

Meshing says 'I am you and you are me', which is rather romantic".

A supercouple storyline is typically detailed by the couple's facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, such as a difference in social class, strong family interference, simple disagreements, marriages to other people, children with other people, etc.

while the most significant obstacle for the pairing is the soap opera genre itself; as soap operas typically continue for decades, there is no closure for the pairing unless both characters leave the show together or one of them dies.

People involved in shipping (or shippers) assert that the relationship does exist, will exist, or simply that they would like it to exist.

"Portmanteaux first came about with Lewis Carroll" as a way to blend words, stated Jonathan Gabay, author of the Copywriter's Compendium—a reference guide to the English language.

They're an interesting couple or they're not." Fans often use portmanteaux to refer to their favorite couples on online message boards, a significant aspect of the "shipping fandom".

The "shipping fandom" scene, whose name is derived from the word "relationship", is a general term for fans' emotional or intellectual involvement with the ongoing development of romance in a work of fiction.

"There's a feeling you are trying to get out", he said.

In addition, the two have no personal flaws or idiosyncrasies that could interfere with their perfect love.

Only an evil, outside force could disturb their relationship".

For fictional pairings, examples showcase themselves as Logan and Veronica (Veronica Mars) becomes "Lo Ve", Josh and Reva (Guiding Light) becomes "Jeva", Jack and Kate (Lost becomes "Jate", Michael and Sara (Prison Break) becomes "Mi Sa", and so on. parodied name-blending trends when he talked about real couples' overexposure to one another; he wondered whether or not his pairing with Summer Roberts would be called "Summereth" or "Sethummer".

Some couples are given more complex portmanteaux; on How I Met Your Mother), the pairing of Barney and Robin is referred to as "BROTP", incorporating their initials, their platonic status as "bros", and the popular fandom term OTP ("One True Pairing"). Gabay said portmanteaux "...giv[e] people an essence of who they are within the same name.