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I had managers come and go, and agents who would advise me on what to talk about, things not to talk about, and frankly, it got a little tiring trying to manage certain topics and honestly, there’s a freedom in being like – it’s out there and I don’t have to hide anything.

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And, what we found people responded to in the [pre-taped] video blogs was the Real Jill and the Real Cathy, our real opinions and our real stories, not a canned, carefully created, crafted persona that a PR person tells you to put forward.I really wanted to do that episode because I had seen something on CNN that day and also because of our own experiences having gone through it.We get a lot of letters from younger girls who are trying to come out, and are being harassed through cyberbullying or at school, and I wanted to talk about it because I can identify with this, through my own version of it.We wake up in a dark world like, “oh my god, what’s this thing that I am?” We don’t grow up in gay families for the most part.And instead of having this attitude of we want to help each other and support one another, we’re ripping each other to shreds and making each other feel less-than. The show featured some amazing guests, including Jane Lynch and introduced Liz Feldman and Bridget Mc Manus to the AE crowd.Feldman and Mc Manus would later get their own spin-off vlogs and eventually jump to TV (on LOGO and in late 2007.What I’ve found by doing the vlogs on the internet is that it’s important to expose how human we all are and the lives that we can lead, and that we’re normal.Gay kids out there, and even adults, they need people to look at and get an idea of what’s OK and what’s not OK.It’s important because lots of people in our community don’t have folks to look around at and equalize themselves with, you know to see if they are doing okay.Most of us don’t grow up with an older sister who is gay.