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Thread is also in Capital Factory’s Incubator and Capital Factory is an investor in the company.

Getting Thread Up and Running Coronado-Garcia, who has a degree in mechanical engineering, said he suffers from “career ADD.” He worked as a consultant for Accenture IT Systems but decided to go back to school for his MBA. He moved to Austin as part of Meritful but when that company folded, Coronado-Garcia was almost immediately tapped for Thread.

Herring Scholarship Herring Application Allen Ryan Todd Scholarship – Due August 23, 2018 Golden Leaf Continuing-Education – Due August 30, 2018 Golden Leaf Curriculum – Due August 30, 2018 Endowment for Teacher Preparation – Due August 30, 2018 Wells Fargo – Due August 30, 2018 Need Money for School? James Sprunt Community College is an equal opportunity educational institution and employer.

Initially, Dell hired some developers to build the product and wound up with an unusable app.

The company intends to launch this fall with University of Texas organizations—like fraternities and sororities—and restrict membership to people with email addresses.

In the future the company hopes to expand by adding other area colleges, and spreading from there.

To test the market, Thread created a fictional profile of an attractive UT student on Tinder.

Of those who responded, 13 percent were UT students, 17 percent students of other schools and 70 percent “who knows? Moreover, some of the comments left by prospective “suitors” were obscene, bordering on threatening.