Dating after alcohol recovery

Or I'm gonna be late i got a meeting at the church.

Oh on tuesday I wont be able to help cause I got a meeting at the church.

This is a need to know basis and I feel it's more important to focus on my goal instead of focusing on what a new date thinks. "1dayaddatime" IMO its really not that deep of a subject. Most likely I would not tell someone on a first date that I am an alcoholic in recovery unless there is a strong context and reason for it (eg.

I have absolutely no fear if asked why I don't drink telling people why.i am not ashamed of being an alcoholic in recovery. the other person is also a recovering addict and shares this with me first).

If you are dating or just in social situations and people ask you if you are smoking or not smoking ( which happens rarely I understand) no on bats an eye to it if you say you don't smoke and doesn't continue to question you on the matter.

They just keep it moving and you can also with no issues.

I have always said a friend is someone that knows most of what is wrong with you,and still likes you.

Dont overthink it sometimes people are not assuming your going to AA or something.

You are headed for a plastic relationship right out of the gate.

I always sleep better with all of my cards on the table. I never hesitate to tell someone i don't drink,and i usually joke about a lot of the stupid stuff i did while drinking.

This isn't the answer to your question, but dating in early recovery, being around alcohol and having questions asked about your not drinking and the discomfort that could cause could be risky to your sobriety. And I would be upfront with anyone if I decided to date them cause that is the way it has to be. I'm not going to drink anymore so I don't feel the need to go constructing an image of my drunken past for people.

I've moved on from that life, and all of the people I want to include in my life from now on are the sort that are also outside of that nightmare existence.