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Many of them were made in various countries such as England, Holland, Germany and France.

Their unique appearance clearly sets them apart from all other flow blues.

One may have a particular preference for a specific category.

Therefore we will have to list the top 10 favorites in each category so as not to be prejudice.(A) Romantic or Scenic Category: These views were mainly of a fanciful or imaginary nature including pastoral scenes which pictured animals, trees, imaginary buildings or cottages with people and water in the foreground.

As a rule of thumb, generally speaking, most flow blue was produced from about 1830 up to about 1915. Myott & Sons produced Crumlin and Monarch patterns up to 1925-1930; Royal Doulton produced Melrose up to 1940-1945 and Fairy Villas III was produced up to 1930 by W. This is just to name several finds throughout my collecting days.

Generally most flow blue ceased production due to limited cobalt supplies during World War I.

Hand painted pottery wares have always been extremely popular and cherished in Quebec, all the way back to the imports from England and Scotland during the 1840-1900 period.

Quebec is the largest home of primitives in Canada and Ontario ranks quite high as well.

An array on display in a country farm house with primitive surroundings gives them a real Wow Splash!

As far as I am acquainted, the Province of Quebec is the most avid collector for such flow blue.

As for superiority and popularity, Crumlin with its attractive butterfly border outdoes Monarch any day.

Note that I have emphasized the late Art Nouveau-Edwardian floral flow blue semi-porcelain category simply because in today's market, there is a greater abundance of semi-porcelain floral flow blue than the earlier ironstone floral flow blues.

Dating anne adams patterns