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However, when the girls are found by a man who turns out to be Lily's father, Emma realizes that Lily has been lying to her, and breaks off their friendship. A woman named Ingrid, also known as the Snow Queen, becomes her new foster mother.

On the first night in Ingrid's home, Emma tries to run away, but Ingrid talks her out of it. Ingrid and her foster daughter visit a funfair together.

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Due to a deal the Blue Fairy made with the wood carver, Geppetto, she lies to the War Council and tells them the wardrobe can only protect one person.Geppetto wishes to send his son, Pinocchio, into the wardrobe, and does so as the curse is rapidly approaching.Snow White and Prince Charming's newborn daughter, Emma, also escapes by being placed into the wardrobe in time.Two outsiders, Kurt and his son, Owen wander into Storybrooke.Regina takes a liking to Owen, and tries to find ways to force them to stay in town.At first, Regina is ecstatic about living in Storybrooke where she is completely in control.She indulges in seeing everyone living their days frozen in time and separated from their true loves.He cryptically tells her that one day, she will have the opportunity to remove Excalibur from the stone. Even as the vehicle pulls away, Emma continues to stare longingly as she, too, desires a family.In 1998, Emma runs away from the group home after realizing that no one is going to adopt her.Then, Ingrid and Emma bond with each other, and Ingrid files to adopt Emma. When a claw crane sparks, Ingrid believes it to be proof of Emma's magical talent.The week after they visited the fair, Ingrid attempts to test Emma's powers by throwing the both of them in front of an oncoming car. The same year, Emma is living a a happy life with a new foster family, when Lily tracks her down, pleading that she needs her old friend's help.