Dating christians for

However, if we take God with us on the journey every step of the way, we will be in no greater hands.Are you freaked out by the idea of dating an SCD—you know, a Super-Christian Dude? But still, I find myself wary of guys (and gals) who are, you know, Christian. I have been rejected on more than one occasion by a woman who considered me to be “too Christian” for her taste, and while I won't pretend to be able to speak for these women, I do wonder how much their decisions were informed by my reality as opposed to their preconceived notions.The Bible is very interesting in that it doesn’t give us too much detail into the process of courtship or what some refer to as dating.Stories like Ruth and Boaz or Solomon and the Shulamite help to give us a contextual framework about how relationships progress biblically, but there’s nothing directly set in stone on how it is all suppose to work.Date with a God-consciousness and submit your time together to The Lord.

If you stay close to God throughout the process, you will be safe.Relationships are tricky, but we have the Holy Spirit to help us navigate them wisely and in the best way possible.A legalistic set of dating rules won’t get us there.Take the expectations off the table and allow yourself the freedom to navigate the relationship with normalcy.Expectations too soon create opportunity for big disappointment.“Is this someone you can genuinely be interested in getting to know and enjoy spending time with?” is a better question than “Is this my future spouse?Allow the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to guard, guide and direct your dating path.So I know some people will vehemently disagree with this viewpoint, but these are honest conversations we need to start having in the Christian community.An issue of divide developing among Christians on dating is whether you should only move in this direction with someone you intend to marry.The motivation behind this thought is fear and insecurity.