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You may want to hike along the beach, along the paths in the dunes and heath behind the beach (it is forbidden to stray from the paths though), and near the mudflats on the western side of the island.

Several dozen megalithic graves dating back to the neolithic (c. Almost every restaurant on the island serves seafood, with the fish burger being considered something of a takeaway speciality.

Sylt (North Frisian: Söl, Danish: Sild) belongs to the North Frisian Islands and is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany.

It is a narrow island with a 40-km white beach and dunes on the western (sea) side and opens to mudflats on the eastern side.

The work of Saskia van Kampen can be found at the intersection of design and craft.

Using a combination of diverse disciplines, including drawing, painting, engraving and typography, Saskia van Kampen stands out with her embroidery and sewing techniques that she ironically uses to denounce and trouble the representation of women in society.

This work is considered to be thorough, a symbol of docility, while it’s being done in silence, eyes down, like a revealing element of a woman’s capacity to fulfill her role as a wife.

In her series magazine dating from the years of 1960s and 1970s, hoping to reverse the status of an object linked to these models.

These groynes are not visible at high tide and present a danger to unaware bathers. Adults must pay a fee to access the beach (€4 per day from Mai to October, €2 from November to April); it's €3.30 or €1.65 if you pay in advance at your hotel or pension.There are several connections by train from Hamburg, via Itzehoe.During the summer season, regular Intercity trains offer direct connections to most of Germany.The artist uses this technique on paper, a medium that is obviously much more difficult to use than fabric and that will keep the trace of the needle, weakening the resistance of the support in the medium.There are many levels of comprehension that exist in the artworks of Saskia van Kampen, each of them supporting the claim of the artist.The island, and especially the city of Kampen, were traditionally known as a meeting place for Germany's high society, and many rich Germans maintain holidays homes on the island.Accordingly, Sylt is the most expensive island in Germany, so plan your budget accordingly.While the landscape of the German coast is beautiful even for those who don't want to swim or bathe, the temperature of the water rarely exceeds 20 °C even in the summer and that it can get rather windy.Sunburn is, however, a common concern especially when it is windy and appears to be cold, as the sun's UV rays are unperturbed by wind or temperature.While a feminist intelligence can be found in the needlework itself, there is also an evocation of the stereotype of a virgin in opposition with the one of a whore.Saskia Van Kampen condemns, in this series of the same name, the roles that are dictated and imposed by society in the form and the technique that she uses.