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For the first twelve seasons of the show, she is partnered with Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni); after he resigns (offscreen) at the beginning of season 13, she is partnered with Nick Amaro (Danny Pino).

She is tough, empathetic, In the episode "Paranoia", Benson described how, despite the difficulty she faced in dealing with a two-year-old female rape victim on her second case, Karen Smythe (Khandi Alexander), who trained her, praised her for displaying a talent in dealing with victims.

When the series begins, she holds the rank of Detective and is partnered with Detective Elliot Stabler (Christopher Meloni).

Following Stabler's departure at the end of the 12th season after a deadly shootout in the precinct, she is partnered with Detective Nick Amaro (Danny Pino).

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When a judge denies the Marsdens their children back, Simon kidnaps them.

Simon is reluctant, but Benson tells him that the deal is better than his daughter visiting him in jail.

At the conclusion of the season 15 finale, Benson becomes the court-appointed custodial guardian of Noah Porter, an orphaned baby.

is a fictional character on the NBC police procedural drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, portrayed by Mariska Hargitay.

Benson holds the rank of Lieutenant and is the Commanding Officer of the Manhattan Special Victims Unit of the New York City Police Department, which operates out of the 16th precinct.