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Mr Shin, one of the senior teachers at my high school - the one who's mother's funeral ceremony I attended - came along on Thursday and told me that his friend at the local court wanted to have English conversation lessons.Thanks to interpretation by the ever-wonderful Mr Kang (my high school co-teacher), it turns out that Mr Shin's friend is the chief judge of the Sangju district court and that he wants me to give him and his staff at the court English conversation lessons.She stirred the mixture very briskly for a few minutes and it got all foamy and green - a lovely bright colour.

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Then a friend of the judge's, a buddhist tea mistress, came to join us. ) and is the one who taught the judge all about tea and tea ceremonies. Object.define Property:function(a,c,d);ia="undefined"! O","ru","en","322",0,[3,2,".40.","","1300102,3700062,3700339,3700489,3700521","204676635","0"],"40400","R2l PW9iq Er STmw WJy6C4Ag",0,0,"16bri88q7gb68. Object.create:function(a);if("function"==typeof Prototype Of)ba=Prototype Of;else_.fa=ba; ha="function"==typeof Object.define Properties? The green tea leaves can be re-used three times, i.e.the 'father' pot is re-filled with water three times.An important-looking place of course, with metal detectors in the foyer and finger-print entrance-security in the corridors.Once we entered the chief judge's office I suddenly felt rather small and lowly: he has a huge office with the usual 'important' couches for entertaning guests - similar to the ones one encunters in other important places in Korea. The judge sat at the head of the table and infront of him the typical equipment for a traditional Korean tea ceremony were laid out.To discuss the details, he had scheduled a meeting for us on Thursday afternoon.So off the three of us (Shin, Kang, Jess) went to the court.It seems that traditional tea ceremonies in Korea were becoming less and less common, but have recently been experiencing a kind pf 'revival', as a way of relaxing in the formal setting of the workplace, and re-connecting with traditional buddhist beliefs and a healthier way of life.So the equipment which the judge, Mr Song Bong-Kie, used was as follows: a main teapot (symbolic of the father), a secondary 'teapot', a kind of shallow cup with a spout (symbolic of the mother) and a few small cups without handles (symbolic of the children).