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Judge Sean Morris described photos of Kemp enjoying life while knowing the misery he was inflicting on hundreds of victims as nauseating.

Kemp duped his victims into joining a secret investment club promising huge returns and warning them not to tell police.

Judge Morris told Kemp: 'Over this period of time you were a highly sophisticated fraudster, depriving people of money, conning them that they were going to get fabulous, unbelievable returns.' One victim's son said his father was receiving phone calls on his death bed'.

John Lewis will open 'personalisation stations' at 11 different stores in the UK that allow shoppers to fill 1.2kg Quality Street tins with only the chocolates they like for £12, or £15 with a personalised tin.

At the time it was thought to be carrying the gold supplies of the entire flotilla, which were used to pay port fees and crew salaries.

In today's prices, it is believed to be worth around 3billion (£102billion).

The 'fantastical' Chequers plan Mrs May forced through Cabinet went from the 'bright' vision she originally set out to putting he country in 'lock step' with the EU, he said.

In a devastating assault, Mr Johnson accused the PM of misleading voters about her intentions and putting the UK 'in limbo'.

They were all pictured together at youngest son Stevie's wedding day in 2012 (main picture), before Stephen Searle tore the whole family apart last Christmas.

Conman Anthony Kemp clinks glasses on a business class flight while living a lavish life on the proceeds of his £8million scam that saw him trick elderly and vulnerable victims out of their savings.

Kemp showed 'not a flicker of remorse' despite the 'heart-rending' stories of his victims that were heard in court as the 62-year-old, of Birtley, Gateshead, was brought to justice.

Tanyalee Davis, 37, was left sobbing after a train guard ordered her to move her mobility scooter.

The Great Western Rail employee even announced it to the entire train to Norwich.