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Tide information is indispensable to the fishing, boating, surfing, and other water-related industries.

Currently, this information is critical to understanding flooding which impacts the City during weather events, particularly in low-lying areas.

The local canals and rivers help prevent flooding, as well as recharge the well fields that supply the City’s drinking water.

The City’s storm drain system carries water from rain, hoses and sprinklers to our waterways.

With seven miles of shoreline, 300 miles of canal coastline, a flat topography, and shallow, porous aquifer, Fort Lauderdale is vulnerable to the effects of climate change and sea level rise.

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There will be no exceptions or extensions to the removal date. High tides are produced from the flow of water toward positions on Earth where the gravitational forces of the sun and moon are the strongest.Low tides are created at a point midway between the two positions.Tide predictions can differ from the actual sea level rise or fall that occurs.Predicted tidal heights are those expected during average weather conditions.Precautions you can take to protect your property from damage and reduce financial losses include: The word “tide” is a generic term used to define the rise and fall of sea level with respect to land.Tides are influenced by the gravitational attraction of the moon and sun.Residents can help prevent flooding and stormwater pollution by: State law prohibits dumping anything into the storm drain system and unauthorized obstructions or alterations of the drainage features.Residents should report illegal dumping into the stormwater system or clogged storm drains by calling the City of Fort Lauderdale 24-Hour Customer Service Center at 954-828-8000.The City’s installation of more than 60 tidal valves in flood-prone neighborhoods to date has reduced the impact of high tides in those locations.Onshore winds can exacerbate coastal flooding and concurrent rain events may increase incidences of flooding further inland as the high tides impede drainage.