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Charlie's parents agreed to bring Ruby up as their own.

Ruby tracks Grant down and accuses him of ruining everyone's lives.

She later organises a rally to stop a number of refugees being deported, but the event is fire bombed by racists.

After this event Geoff blames Ruby and leaves her and Summer Bay.

She then realises he was telling the truth, he would not forgive her and decides to exact revenge she now is a hairdresser secretary and works with Marilyn chambers Ruby initially finds it hard to cope with her sister Charlie's relationship with Joey Collins, but grows to accept it.

Ruby decides to sleep with Xavier, they are caught by Ross who sends Ruby away for a while.

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Charlie reveals the truth, that Ruby is actually her daughter and that she became pregnant when Grant Bledcoe raped her.

After a while he remembers and their relationship ends.

While seeing Geoff, Ruby starts to feel unwell and is diagnosed with diabetes.

Her friends Jai Fernandez and Annie, who are in a relationship, make her feel lonely so she convinces herself she loves Miles.

When her father Ross Buckton is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she finds it hard to cope.