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Product" legend between input jacks.1960-1961* Blonde covering. changed to "A Vox Product." * Manufacture location "Erith, Kent." * U.

These characteristics can be applied to most amplifier models prior to 1985This list comes from The Vox Story book.1958-1959* Blonde covering, or occasional two-tone grey-cream.

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* "Bass" type badge lower left on normal (non-Treble or Top Boost) models.1964-1965* Change of control panel color to dark grey with metallic legend. * Speaker color-change to silver for Lead units, remains blue for Bass units. Looks like my ac30 topboost could be a 65' model with quick reference to the list.

* Hardware same as 1960-1962.1963-1964* Dark cover standard, texture varies between smooth dark grey or black to basketweave texture. * Strap handles with "Vox" logo appear in mid-1964. * Top Boost controls integral with control panel early 1964. * Changed to black latticed speaker-cloth in 1965.1965-1966* Chassis and case unchanged. This information will narrow it down to the closest year surely.

Dating vox ac30 top boost