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He proceeded to wear a grey turtleneck and dark brown khakis.Hiccup took his laptop and sat on the couch in the living room. There are singles events or we could create a dating profile for you and see if anyone is interested." Hiccup explained as he showed Astrid a dating site."Meeting people at a bar seems tedious."First we'll need a profile picture.""You wish for me to pose to get a man's attention?" Astrid asked quirking a brow."Yeah sure." Hiccup mumbled."I'll be back in a second! Hiccup meanwhile got out his phone and clicked the camera app."Is this sexy enough Hiccup?A oneshot challenge between Red Hawkdude, Red Legomaniac, Dragon1010, Thearizona and I. " Hiccup shouted as he stood up and looked around wildly."You're not in hell yet Hiccup." A voice said causing Hiccup to snap his head left.

"I didn't think the devil could retire.""I've been at it for way too long." Lucifer sighed.First of all, we have this." Lucifer said while producing a scroll from a puff of smoke. After all you did sign it a year ago, selling your soul to me. You're making me blush from all the praise." Lucifer actually giggled.I however see that things didn't go according to plan though.""Like you wouldn't know." Hiccup mumbled as he glared at the man. "However it was not my doing when she abandoned you. " Hiccup asked a little unsure."Why yes" Lucifer told him with a smile. "You get your soul back if you agree to the favor."Hiccup really wanted his soul back. There was no way he would hear what the favor entailed before he agreed it would see. I'll do you a favor."Lucifer smiled and the scroll containing the contract burned to ashes in front of Hiccup's eyes.Astrid joined him not long after on the couch while looking at him curiously."So….. I wish to meet as many possible suitors as I can.""I guess we can go with online dating then.You can pick which men you like and ask them on a date to see if it will work." Hiccup told her."I'd probably have a heart attack if you became my son in-law.""Eh…. It wasn't long before Hiccup was sound asleep again.He woke up early in the morning, whacking his alarm clock with much more force than was needed."So my lovely daughter has taken over the title of Lord of Darkness and Hell.""Alright" Hiccup said still shocked but hiding it well.He still didn't know what the favor was."Now there are some demon clans making a stink that my daughter needs to have an heir and they've offered up their sons as possible bachelors for her to choose from." Astrid asked causing Hiccup to turn around and gape."OH MY FREAKING GODS!" Hiccup shouted as he quickly covered his eyes as a blush worked its way to his cheeks.