Deploying and updating front end database applications

The last step contains a checklist for modifying the instructions to deploy your own application.During our tests, Kubernetes creation and resource provisioning took about 2-5 minutes on Amazon Web Services (AWS).The second script demonstrates how to connect to our My SQL server and show a list of tables from a database.We’ll use My SQL’s Sakila sample database, a standard test database that contains data about movies.

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This section requires: contains the instructions for building our custom Docker image.

Similar preconfigured installations exist for many popular PHP apps.

This tutorial shows how to install an example LAMP stack with a demo PHP application.

This tutorial is intended for readers who want to run their own LAMP application, learn what a standard software stack looks like on Kubernetes, or have a greater degree of control over configuration for a popular PHP application like Word Press.

On the other hand, if you’re happy with pre-baked settings, it will be faster to .