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I've probley caught easily over 100 fish on black and blue 1/2 ounce with a black and blue flake rage craw chunk, not throwing it exclusively 24/7 but I always have one tied on, I throw a frog etc.

if you buy a couple of these jigs trust me it won't take long to fall in love with them I won't throw anything else PERIOD. Has a huge range a colors, nice beefy hook and a good hookup ratio. I bite about a inch off a rage craw and use that as a trailer. Paint on the head aint that durable but I don't think that matters. From: Comments: Dirty jigs are the only jig worth buying but there customer service is horrible I put a order in 3 months ago and just got an email today the only reason i went through them was tw was out of my go to colors but if there out just wait don't buy direct through dirty jigs cus it's going to take even longer tackle warehouse is the way to go and they charge less the dirty does From: Comments: After a year of using this jig, all I can say is this thing is a work horse.

Maybe even a finesse flipping jig as well From: Comments: Just got these jigs in the mail & man do they look great!

They have a pretty stout hook & a heavy weed gauge but not very stiff, which is great.

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One of the things that ensures success on the FLW Tour for Scott Canterbury is versatility.

I like to cut the skirts to the bend of the hook to shorten the jig & give it a bulky profile & rigged with a smaller yum chunk pushed on to the hook & it gives it great action with still a stream line fall From: Comments: Excellent Jig!

The most versatile jig I have ever used, the weed guard angle is perfect, its the right stiffness, the head comes through grass & wood very easy due to angle of line tie & the hook is the rightsize for weight of head.