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", but this edit may have been to an old version of Wikipedia which soon after was scrapped and replaced by a restart; Between these relatively rapid influxes of traffic, there had been a steady stream of traffic from other sources, especially Google, which alone sent hundreds of new visitors to the site every day.

There was considerable resistance on the part of Nupedia's editors and reviewers to the idea of associating Nupedia with a wiki-style website.Sanger suggested giving the new project its own name, Wikipedia, and Wikipedia was soon launched on its own domain, , on Monday 15 January 2001.The bandwidth and server (located in San Diego) used for these initial projects were donated by Bomis.He explained to Sanger what wikis were, at that time a difficult concept to understand, over a dinner on Tuesday 2 January 2001.Sanger thought a wiki would be a good platform to use, and proposed on the Nupedia mailing list that a wiki based upon Use Mod Wiki (then v. Under the subject "Let's make a wiki", he wrote: No, this is not an indecent proposal. Jimmy Wales thinks that many people might find the idea objectionable, but I think not...This characteristic was in stark contrast to contemporary digital encyclopedias such as Microsoft Encarta, Encyclopædia Britannica, and even Bomis's Nupedia, which was Wikipedia's direct predecessor.In 2001, the license for Nupedia was changed to GFDL, and Wales and Sanger launched Wikipedia using the concept and technology of a wiki pioneered in 1995 by Ward Cunningham.Advances in information technology in the late 20th century led to changes in the form of encyclopedias.While previous encyclopedias, notably the Encyclopædia Britannica, were book-based, Microsoft's Encarta, published in 1993, was available on CD-ROM and hyperlinked.By January 2004, fewer than 50% were English, and this internationalization has continued to increase as the encyclopedia grows.As of 2014 By 2002, Sanger and Wales differed in their views on how best to manage open encyclopedias.