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For 1974, the V6 was enlarged to 2.8L, as Ford revised castings for both the engine block and cylinder heads.

As an option, for 1972, Mercury introduced a 2.6L Cologne V6, becoming the first American-market vehicle marketed by Ford Motor Company with a V6 engine.It's solid as a Mercedes, still compact and light in the context of 1974 barrier busters, fast, reasonably economical of fuel, precise-handling, and quick-stopping: its engine and drivetrain are both sporty and refined.It's no wonder Lincoln-Mercury sold nearly 120,000 of them in 1973..." R&T on the Capri II 2.8 V6: "Once again we can report that the Capri V6 is an attractive, competent, and enjoyable car at a reasonable price.The previous chrome bumper was reinforced with a steel tube and attached to the frame with shock absorbers (extending the length of the body several inches).As part of the change, the Capri saw revisions to the grille, taillamps, and its rear quarter trim grilles.Ford of Britain also produced a Ford Consul Capri for 1962-64.The Capri name was later used as a sub-model of the Mercury Comet series for the 1966-67 model years.It goes, stops, and handles, it's well built and it has that sturdy, precise European character that makes it something special for Americans and Canadians.On top of all this it's a more practical car because of its new hatchback body.The first and third-generation Capri was marketed in North America without a direct Ford branded counterpart.The origin of the name after the Italian island of Capri, dates back to the Lincoln Capri of the 1950s.