Good questions for dating couples

This partner isn't really interested in fighting, more so yelling.The third is the deadliest approach to relationships: not fighting.It does, however, usually end in compromise and peace.As we've all learned from a good fight, while getting through it may be difficult and painful, the result always ends in a stronger relationship.The second approach is just the sign of a partner who doesn't want to work it out or even listen.This is someone who doesn't deserve your time and isn't fighting in a productive and beneficial way.In order to face the important and pressing issues that can destroy a marriage, a couple has to be completely honest and open with themselves and the values they hold most important.If these values aren't tested until a fight occurs, then there's no way to know what's really worth fighting for.

In fact, their fighting isn't a sign of a sick relationship, but a healthy one. Those who want to sit down, compromise, and get back to being comfortable with each other2.Those who have no interest in dealing with problems The first approach, while described rationally, doesn't always include sitting down.It can encompass fits of rage, screaming into reddening faces and stomping into corners of rooms.Fighting means you care enough to deal with the hurt and anger, rather than just walk away.It means actively pursuing a solution, a breakthrough that will make you stronger.If you love your partner, care about your partner's health and want to see him or her happy, then fight for your relationship.Only during a good fight can you let go of your inhibitions and understand how you and your partner really feel.While some couples may think fighting is the sign of a bad relationship, it is actually is very important.The key is fighting with a purpose.”It's the whole idea of “fight or flight.” The way species adapt and evolve is based on the psychological reactions that occur when a threat is perceived.You either stand your ground or flee the situation.Either way, you're making a decision, one that questions whether the threat is worth attacking or running.