Has skandar keynes dating

Caption: Georgie kissing her rumored boyfriend, Skandar Whatever the facts may be, the fans have already speculated them to dating one another as per the image shared on the occasion of Valentine’s Day by her fans through her Instagram’s fan page account wishing Georgie and Skandar a “Happy Valentine’s Day.” Besides Skandar, Georgie was also rumored to be in a relationship with Keanu Pires and Luke Benward.

However, no supporting evidence has surfaced the media.

Skandar Keynes looks on as costar Georgie Henley gets up close and personal with lion cub Aslan at the Smithsonian Zoo during their recent trip earlier this month in Washington, D. The 19-year-old actor recently revealed in an interview with the Inquirer about his first meeting with Georgie, now 15, and leaving acting behind for now.

Check it: On his first meeting Georgie: “I met her in one of the first auditions I had.

The pair first met during an audition and is one of the most admirable young couples in the film industry.

Although neither Georgie nor Skandar have opened up about their relationship in any interviews or social media, their actions tell a different story.

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