Interracial dating affair

Pushing our way towards them I got a good look at the two guys.John is tan skinned, dark hair, dark eyes, okay looking I guess.When I finally got there I pulled into the parking lot.The apartment complex was fairly sizeable with blocks of buildings with ten two story townhouse style apartments. Taking a few minutes to find her place I pulled up in front.Agreeing to the trip I decided to go down this coming Thursday and would stay until Monday morning.

Before I continue I should back up a little and explain a bit about myself. I'm a 25 year old, 5"6', pale skinned freckled redhead with blue eyes.

After talking on and off she invited me to come visit for a few days.

Telling me I can explore the area when she's at work and we can hang out most of the free time she has.

About twenty minutes later we pulled into the parking lot.

It was pretty crowded but Jessica was able to find John and his friend across the building.