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These services include obtaining birth, marriage and death certificates from Italy; and translating foreign certificates from English into Italian.

Services for people who seek visa or immigration information are undertaken by a particular country's Italian embassy and consulates.

Obtaining dual citizenship through ancestry is much different than obtaining it through naturalization, which in many cases can result in the loss of your native citizenship.

In Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United States and the United Kingdom, being recognized as an Italian citizen jure sanguinis will not affect your current citizenship.

Having an Italian passport is like having a passport to any EU country, allowing you to live and work anywhere.

Under the terms of Article 17 (ex Article 8) of the Treaty on European Union, "any person holding the nationality of a member state is a citizen of the Union." "EU citizenship, which supplements national citizenship without replacing it, grants citizens the right to move freely and to reside on the territory of the member states" (Article 18).

Today, the EU boasts a fully integrated internal market in which citizens, as well as goods and services, can move freely across national borders.

Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands were the six original member states.

If you are an American, Italian citizenship will let you invest in offshore mutual funds and securities without restriction or hindrance.Very few foreign companies are registered to sell their securities in the United States.Foreign brokers will not sell unregistered securities for fear of running afoul of the SEC.Also, if your government restricts travel to certain countries that you may want (or need) to visit, you can use your Italian passport to enter and move around more freely.Italian and other EU governments provide generous pensions for citizens who have spent the requisite number of years in the workforce.If you apply to work for an international company, you have a huge advantage over your peers.You can be transferred to Europe without any hassle on the part of the company.Citizens of certain western countries--and Americans in particular--are the main targets of terrorist attacks abroad.You may feel safer using an Italian passport when you travel to places where citizens of your native country are unpopular.Between two equally-qualified candidates, a company with offices in Europe is more likely to hire the one with Italian citizenship.Similarly, a company looking to promote a manager for an office abroad is more likely to choose the Italian citizen from among equally-qualified employees.