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The piano at that time in jazz was primarily a percussion instrument, establishing beat and playing chords so that other instruments could play more creatively; Lil Hardin Armstrong excelled at this style.

Louis Armstrong was often unfaithful and Lil Hardin Armstrong often jealous, but they continued to record together even as their marriage was strained and they often spent time apart.

She persuaded him to move to New York and join Fletcher Henderson.

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Also invited to join the band, in 1922: a young cornet player, Louis Armstrong.Known for: first major woman jazz instrumentalist; part of King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band; marriage to Louis Armstrong and promoter of his career; part of Louis Armstrong's Hot Fives and Hot Sevens recordings.Occupation: jazz musician, pianist, composer, singer, band leader, manager and promoter; later, clothes designer, restaurant owner, piano teacher, French teacher Dates: February 3, 1898 - August 27, 1971Also known as: Lil Hardin, Lil Armstrong, Lillian Beatrice Hardin, Lil Hardin Armstrong, Lillian Hardin, Lillian Armstrong, Lillian Hardin Armstrong Born in Memphis in 1898, Lillian Hardin was called Lil.By this time, she had married singer Jimmy Johnson.Traveling with King Oliver's band strained the marriage, and so she left the band to return to Chicago and the marriage.There, she met and learned from Jelly Roll Morton, who played ragtime music on the piano.Hardin began finding jobs playing with bands while continuing to work in the store, which accorded her the luxury of access to sheet music.Kristin quit her public relations job, rented her house, sold her Miata, and moved to France with Lance so he could focus on cycling.While Lance went on to beat cancer and win the Tour de France five times during their marriage, Kristin became a stay-at-home mom and raised their three young children (a son and then twin daughters) in the French Riviera.She became known as "Hot Miss Lil." Her mother decided to accept her new career, though she reportedly picked up her daughter promptly after performances to protect her from the "evils" of the music world.After achieving some recognition playing with Lawrence Duhé and the New Orleans Creole Jazz Band, Lil Hardin stayed around as it gained popularity when King Oliver took it over and renamed it the King Oliver Creole Jazz Band.