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Well, that attitude has actually spilled over into retail across the country. Traditional shopping deals like Black Friday are no longer “crazy deal” days.As consumers become less and less excited about Black Friday, they continue to launch “Black Friday in July” and other ridiculous promos. Well, according to an article written in Business Insider, chief marketing officer, Ian Mc Caig referred to this as the “Tinderization of retail.” Customers shopping today have very short attention spans and it’s not shocking to think that Tinder had something to do with this.They know in less than a few months that item will be deeply discounted and past season for the taking.As time progresses and as more people try to casually hookup online, we’re going to see more individuals pass up even more chances to bang, because they know another chance is just a swipe away.The breach, which exposed the personal details of millions who signed up for the site with the slogan ' Life is short.

Delete the Tinder app and go with something that works!

The retail environment is extremely promotion driven today.

To the tune that most do not think twice about passing up a sale.

The North Western graduate student mentioned that the dating service provides everything that Tinder does and just a little bit more.

As mentioned, the mobile app allows users to see individuals in the local area in real-time.