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Please see my profile or visit my website (richardjnz.wordpress .com) for more information and links about this television series.Our journey by sea provides sufficient time for curiosity to overcome our mood of despair.Some of the girls have heard stories about the palace harem.The new clothes are little more than gauzy wraps, although they do a good enough job at hiding our feminine features.

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Once through the kitchens we are marched across an enclosed courtyard and towards the building beyond.

Their goal was the Imperial Harem in Constantinople. We have been at sea for two days and we've no idea how much longer our journey will take.

In the spring of 1520, a group of girls find themselves on their way to the Imperial Harem, very much against their own wishes."You are not allowed to die," says the burly sailor. You may only die if he orders your death."His words are addressed to Alexandra, but they make me sit up with a jolt. Less than a month ago, our lives had been so different. That was before the Crimean Tartars came into our towns and villages. That false sense of security was shared by everyone where we lived.

To my surprise, some of the girls think we are fortunate. She keeps trying to refuse to eat, in the hope that she'll quickly join her family in the afterlife. It's just such an attempt which angers the man overseeing us in the ship's hold.

Compared to some of the alternative fates for a young slave girl, I suppose we might be considered lucky. That's when the sailor makes it clear that we no longer have any control over our lives. Our entire existence belongs to a powerful man we may never meet.