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And I didn’t want to enter into a relationship with an expiration date already stamped on it. I met a lot of great guys, who weren’t a fit for me, but we are still really cool. I think about this frequently in fantasy, what would have this guy been like, what that one would feel like…

I don’t think that I would ever be accused of friendzoning, because as we parted they understood my goals and romantic dreams and we parted with a deep mutual respect. but that I keep in my head because I know that it’s just a fantasy, it’s not the real thing #thankubillyjoel.

I NEVER paid for dates, but would send hand written thank you cards, baked goods, etc, and I would make dinners comparable to the ones he treated me to at restaurants.

I would engage in displaying sexual interest, kissing, petting, making out, but there was no in, in or in, without monogamous commitment…