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Tinder, Grindr, Bumble, Ok Cupid, Hinge, Hitch, and something called Coffee Meets Bagel rule the romance world and there’s probably no going back. We don’t actually suggest you take all your first dates to the same place, but the point is that L&E Oyster is the ideal date spot: intimate but not stuffy, with good food across the board.

It has all the appeal of a fancy restaurant, except instead of tiny plates of halibut you’re getting ribs. The one who can pull off multiple shades of denim (at the same time), and who seems to know about all the city’s secret shows before you even find out secret shows are a thing.Escuela is perfect for many things, but it might be most perfect for first dates.It sits on the right side of casual, but won’t ever feel like you didn’t actually put some thought into the night.And if you want to dip out early, order the khao soi to go. Your date spent last year backpacking around the world. The food is mostly tacos and bar bites, so you can try a lot of different dishes without getting too full.You spent last weekend trying to put together an IKEA dresser. Definitely end the night with churros, because you’re fun like that.For a dinner that says you at least have it in you to be cool and exciting, book a table at B. We’re not sure whether ERB is a bar with great food or a restaurant doing great drinks.Either way, it’s an ideal first date option when you’re not quite ready to do the whole sit-down/table service thing, but you still want to eat some good food.If you suggest a pop-up restaurant where you’re floating in the air at a table hanging from a crane, you’re probably going to scare them off.Go with Chez Tex instead, the cutest neighborhood bistro they most likely have never heard of. Here’s an updated list of LA’s best first date spots.But you actually enjoy talking to this person, and they’ve asked if you’re free for dinner tonight.