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For SUSE and Novell trademarks, see the Novell Trademark and Service Mark list All other third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners.must meet very different demands when employed on a number crunching server compared to a file server, for example.Generally it is not possible to ship a distribution that will by default be optimized for all kinds of workloads.Find how to inspect and optimize your system by means of monitoring tools and how to efficiently manage resources.Also contains an overview of common problems and solutions, and of additional help and documentation resources.

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Auto Ya ST is a system for installing one or more SUSE Linux Enterprise systems automatically and without user intervention, using an Auto Ya ST profile that contains installation and configuration data.

Supports the administrator with security-related choices and decisions.

An administrator's guide for problem detection, resolution and optimization.

Offers an introduction to virtualization technology of your product.

It features an overview of the various fields of application and installation types of each of the platforms supported by SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as well as a short description of the installation procedure.