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The best online educational administration master’s programs prepare students for licensure exams and other state-level post-degree requirements.

Online master’s degree programs offer a flexible alternative to traditional college education.

The online master's in education administration includes an optional experiential learning practicum that requires students to complete a hands-on learning project at a higher education institution.

Applications are due in the fall or spring, with entrance to the program occurring in the following semester.The majority of educational administration master’s programs also involve practicum (or onsite) courses, which allow students to receive supervised training from experienced professionals in real-life school settings.A capstone course is often required as well, giving students the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have gained through a comprehensive research project.Admission requirements for master’s degree in education administration programs vary by school, but usually include a bachelor’s degree, a minimum GPA requirement, standardized test scores, and prior teaching experience.Graduates with an online degree in educational administration can pursue careers as postsecondary education administrators, preschool and childcare center directors, instructional coordinators, and public school principals. A master’s in higher education administration is worth it because it allows students to pursue nearly any administrative role in the higher education system without having to advance through a career in a high school or lower institution. Those pursuing a career in education administration usually have at least a bachelor’s degree, state teaching licensure, and prior experience as a teacher.The 36-credit program includes core administration courses and several electives on topics including finance, facilities management, intercollegiate athletics, technology, and more.Students also complete an integrated project as a final seminar course.Many of today’s students are choosing to earn their master’s in educational administration online, rather than in a classroom.Online degree programs follow the same rigorous curriculum as brick-and-mortar options, leading to the same number of job offers for successful graduates.Many professionals earn a master’s degree, and some earn a doctorate in education administration. At the master’s degree level, students in this field learn about the challenges and issues facing our current education system, as well as strategies and innovations that directly address these concerns.Courses include subjects like educational law and ethics, measuring student engagement, faculty management and school finance.