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The Costa Blanca is not as cold or wet in the winter as the Costa Brava, north of Costa Blanca, nor is it as humid or hot in the summer as the Costa del Sol, in the south.The Costa Blanca has the best all year round temperatures.One of the good things about coming on holiday to the Costa Blanca is the different types of places you can visit.There is great variety and each place has something for everyone.The A7 motorway (with some toll sections) stretches from north to south along the coast.The N-332 also runs parallel yet is free from charges although much slower as it passes through the middle of many towns.Once upon a time the places along the coast were mostly just tiny fishing villages.

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Every nationality can be found here but especially English and Germans (oh and some Spanish too! The Costa Blanca is a beautiful region with mountains stretching along most of the coast.Further to the south of the Costa Blanca is Murcia airport.With the advent of many low-cost airlines many people live in Spain and commute to work in England.The Costa Blanca has something for everyone from tiny rural inland villages to cosmopolitan tourist resorts on the coast such as Benidorm.The Costa Blanca isn’t necessarily a place one would go to see historical monuments (although there are many).For example you can go inland and enjoy the unspoilt traditional ‘real’ Spain or you can stay on the coast and enjoy the hustle and bustle and nightlife of busy tourist resorts such as Benidorm or alternatively within a short distance you can stay on the coast in quaint, quiet fishing villages – the choice is yours!In this tourist and visitor guide to the Costa Blanca we help visitors who are planning a trip with useful and practical advice on many tourism related subjects such as car rental/hire, accommodation, sightseeing, weather, where to go, where to stay, travel information and what to see and do in the Costa Blanca.Some towns have restricted their development and retained their original charms while others have over-developed and lost what charm they originally had.The Costa Blanca has over 100 kms of sandy beaches and rocky coves and many of the beaches have the coveted European Blue Flag signifying cleanliness and safe bathing.There are huge amounts of flights into Alicante airport, especially from Northern Europe.Valencia airport to the north is also well serviced.