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My Uncle George came in and I asked him if he could draw. I always remember a Modbury saying which does not look right when it is typed as you need to say it.'Yoom es ma-dde as a bar-bed wire Badd-ger.' Meaning - you are as mad as a barbed wire Badger.It is used widely accross the South West My Mum was born in Shebbear, North Devon and used to come out with lots of brilliant words and sayings such as: "tis cruel `omely" (something you feel very at home about), "sour`s a wig" (food that is extrememly sour), "drawin yer mouwth abroad" (yawning! My dad had a saying "'tis only the hairs on a goosegog, that stop it from being a grape" but that might be part of a song from somewhere else? (Ottery St Mary.)Well, I read somewhere that he never lost his Devon accent, so this literary figure would not have greeted you with a "I bid thee good morrow, Sir" or some such elaborate formula - he'd probably have said, "Alright me 'andsome"!! My father used the phrase "sup me bob" when he was surprised about something-I think it meant "suffer me God" (East Devon).I wuz brunked up in Torquay `til I wuz `bout eleben, when us moved te Abbots`k`swell where the following were in use. In North Devon people refer to things as being "maaster" e.g.An us bain't gowin tu make a show of cuttin up our words To plaize the numbskulls who wud scat gude Saxon into sherds. Anyho - Anyhow Bay - Boy Bay Christ - Good grief/good god! Having read your letters, I am also from Debbin, and here are a few of our saying,'eer;chatty in 'eer, meaning that she is dirty.Dimpsy - Dark Dug - Dog ees - He's eeselv - Himself Giddy - Dizzy Hullowwww - Hello Iz - I Luvver - Lover Nort - Nothing Oat - Out Squiggles - Sqirrels Waps - Wasps Wapzies (Plural)-Wasps "Was on" - What's on? "Ee knows nort" - He knows nothing "Nevar knawn nort lake it" - Never know anything like it. I'm surprised I've not seen it on here yet, but when we were growing up we were often greeted with "Hello ma buck! I still ask for a bunch of chippoeswhen I go shopping,'tis andsome my lover innit. means anything& nothing, not something¬hing,i back this up with the yorkshire equivelent, OWT&NOWT.You can also use the quick search on this page or carry out a full search to find swinging females in your area.Captivating footage (left) has emerged of the last known survivor of an Amazonian tribe murdered by farmers over two decades ago.

My Mum continues to use a phrase I first heard my Grandad say, and that is "CREATED BOBSZIDI" meaning kicked up a fuss, or complained bitterly!!! Orts = Left over food - as in 'C'mon, ait op yer orts'Be ee bout ort? Black's a rouk = As black as a rook (Alec from Budleigh)Brave and Bravish = considerable, large, as in 'Come to, you godda bravish bidda lan.' Meaning - 'In the final analysis you have acquired a considerable acreage.'Definition of miserliness - 'Mean, ee'd cut a teddy een alf an maake dree awn' = 'He would bisect a potato and contrive three pieces'.

Known as 'the indigenous man in the hole', the tribesman has been captured on video by Government officials in the Brazilian state of Rondonia.

They first discovered he was there in 1996 and believe he was left to live alone after the five other members of his tribe were killed in an attack on his land by farmers the year before.

Gods little acre 'tis like sex, if'ee made 'ort better 'ee kept it fer 'ees sel didn'n maid In my farming days you could turrify (excite) a bull by waving a red flag at it, and a shippen was the sort of cowshed where the cows were tied up and milked. Proper job, proper booty, proper ansome I imagine that there used to be some sort of sanitorium on Dartmoor somewhere, if I wasn't dressed warm enough, my Gran would always tell me that I would end up on the moors with my cough/cold Gleaney - Devon for Guinea Fowl, we keep lots of them free range and use them as a traffic calming measure in the surrounding lanes. It was for us bellringers when we nearly went on strike because of the Vicar at the time not really supporting us.

If the bus was expected "dreckly" you might as well walk, while people in a hurry were gooin like ares (going like hares). The curious and uneducated ask what they are ie..."Your turkeys are in the lane, funny chickens you got mate"...goes on. Someone in the village was afraid they wouldn't be hearing the bells any more. "'Ow lucky us be, maister,to yer thicky bells on a Zundy morn, Us dawn't know what tiz like yer, not to yer thick bells or them birds at dawn. "Now zee yer, Maister, I've a travulled a lot, 'n i've met zum queer volks who dawn't care a jot about ort like them bells yer, 'ow licky us be.