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Once the resource is located you can choose to create a new collection and set the limiting collection to “All Users and User Groups”.All updates (full and incremental) can be removed to avoid any type of load. Change the default search for Resource class and Attribute name to User Group Resource and User Group Name.There are three different LTSR programs: LTSR requires you to be on Customer Success Services Select, formerly known as Software Maintenance.LTSR is supported for 5 years from the LTSR release date, plus 5 more years of optional extended support.In the Morning in SCCM 2012, I observed Hour Glass on the collection after adding members for almost 3 hours. Now it is 2 hours and the two machines do not show up when double clicked on the collection. I have directly added two active computers to collection (Right Click on collection Add Resources), with the limited to "all systems". At a minimum it must be longer than the heartbeat frequency of the clients.

A direct rule will not require that the collection is updated at all, however if the AD Security Group is recreated it is required to update the collection with a new direct rule (as the resource will have a new ID).

To summarize, there is a one way sync from AD - You need to change your Discovery Data deletion task settings in Site Maintenance. You may also want to configure the Inactive Client deletion task settings.

The time can be changed, and you can also run a report for clients that have not checked in in a long time and manually delete them, or use a powershell script to do this as well.

There are three classifications for on-premises releases: Xen App/Xen Desktop is a bundle of components.

Long Term Support requires the components to be specific versions.