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Lets say you meet a decent muslim girl - they are out there for sure - and she would love to be with you, there is still her family.

Either you have to become a Muslim, or even when you are one you have to be from her background or she is already promised to a cousin back from her home village.

She doesn't wear hijab, comes from a chill ass family, attends parties sometimes, spend nights at her friends house, and is pretty American. Believe me, she is an in terms of looks, figure and all (would be a solid 9 if she a bit taller). Very open, friendly, confident, extremely caring for her family/friends, chill, adventurous and all..

I've become a very close friend of her (I friendzoned myself really hard.of on purpose cuz I just wanted to get to know her better--didn't thought I'd try to date her due to all the cultural/religious reasons etc etc). This is ALL she has done when it comes to "romance/sex" life... " and she literally sweared on "Allah" and she told me she felt really bad as to why she did it. Why is it that it is literally impossible to find a 6/10 western girl who hasnt banged a couple of dudes at the very least--while there are Muslim girls who are absolute gems. I'd feel lucky that I'll reproduce with a girl like her. She is probably end up marrying a Muslim dude and I don't know how her life will turn out.

It happens, sure, but as I said, compared to other girls--Muslim chicks are easily the hardest to get to.Basically, and I'm saying this LITERALLY, every single study out there reveals the same exact thing: Muslim girls are likely to be sexually active before marriage. I was just feeling that it kinda sucks how I can't stay what I am and still get a Muslim wife. It is the ultra-orthodox Muslims that practice the Wahhabi strain of Sunni Islam that seem to be the problem.(I can share multiple studies from top institutes if anybody wants). I started to talk to some Middle-Eastern guys and girls. Looked up other anthropological studies regarding cultural norms, surveys regarding various issues in Muslim World, and so on. (I can literally get any girl as my wife (Jewish, Mormon, Catholic, Hindu)..Muslim girls are the hardest nut to crack). Yes I'm sure that Muslim girls (actual Muslim girls as in moderately religious, not secular ones like in Bosnia) are awesome.We will stand tall in the sunshine With the truth upon our side And if we have to go alone We'll go alone with pride For us, these conflicts can be resolved by appeal to the deeply ingrained higher principle embodied in the law, that individuals have the right (within defined limits) to choose how to live.But this Western notion of individualism and tolerance is by no means a conception in all cultures. I've been taking couple of classes on public health, diseases, and blah blah.. Hence the thread and my post regarding why I opened the thread. It seems that the main problem Muslim group are Sunni Muslims in the Middle East and from the Middle East. I met a few Iranian girls in college and one of them ended up dating a Mexican buddy of mine, so there are people who have Muslim backgrounds that grow up to be secular and tolerant.Washing oneself twice or more a day is not rare amongst Muslim chicks. Moreover the study also revealed that amongst the Turkish girls who have had a sexual intercourse, a significant number was planning to get married to their sexual partner(unlike European girls and their whorish sexual adventures).Understand that these studies are done on the "youth" of the country---University students in Western Turkey (most secular part of the country) who are most likely to be sexually active and their families are most likely to hold most 'liberal' attitudes towards premarital sexuality.Speaking from experience as a white eurocuck christian who never and would never convert to their foul ideology and had his muslim eating bacon and drinking vodka before he got bored and wandered off.The script should be flipped and islamic women held up as the ideal mindset of an attractive woman, it would make the loud opinionated landwhales loose their shit in Anglostan.Moreover, Muslim girls have amazingly great hygiene.Keeping their private regions and underarms completely shaven is part of their faith. Even in so-called "secular" or "European" Muslim nations, sexual morality is strictly upheld due to Islam's central role in the culture and lifestyle.. S National Institutes of Health, titled "Sexual activity among Turkish adolescents," administered health and sexual habits of 4000 students across Turkish Universities.