Sex adult in tanzania

Independent predictors of obesity in the population studied were increasing age, marriage and cohabitation, high SES, female sex and less vigorous physical activities. Obesity has been linked to genetic factors as it seems to run families.However, the contribution of environmental factors can not be ruled out in familial obesity.A physical activity tool was adopted for this study.This tool consists of questions about leisure and occupational activities which are categorized as light, moderate and vigorous activities depending on the energy expenditure for each, known as Metabolic Equivalent of Task, or simply metabolic equivalent (MET).

It has been shown that prevalence of obesity increases with age.The quality of the house was assessed based on the quality of the building materials such as grass thatched roof compared to iron sheet and roof tiles.Types of walls and type of floor were also assessed to estimate SES.Obesity is on the rise worldwide, not sparing developing countries.Both demographic and socio-economic factors play parts in obesity causation.It is the largest of the districts in Dar es Salaam and includes both urban and peri-urban areas.According to the 2002 National Census, the Kinondoni municipality has a population of 1,088,867 people with a growth rate of 4.1%.For weight measurement, participants wore only lightweight clothes and no shoes. Height was taken using a height measuring rod without shoes and recorded to the nearest centimetre.Height and weight were used to calculate body mass index (BMI) for each individual. Individuals were asked about their alcohol drinking status and this was coded as alcohol drinker or non alcohol drinker.To estimate socioeconomic status (SES), household income per month, possession of different properties and assets, motorcycle, bicycle, car, a television set, house possession, house renting, size of the house rented or owned in terms of the number of rooms were taken into consideration.