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You can search the style guide by: The top grade in GCSEs and A levels. Do not use full stops in abbreviations: BBC, not B. The first time you use an abbreviation or acronym explain it in full on each page unless it’s well known, like UK, DVLA, US, EU, VAT and MP. Then refer to it by initials, and use acronym Markdown so the full explanation is available as hover text. For example, ‘a class of 15 16-year-old students took the A level course’ can be written as ‘15 students aged 16 took the A level course’. Use and rather than &, unless it’s a department’s logo image or a company’s name as it appears on the Companies House register. Steps end in a full stop because each should be a complete sentence. Lower case otherwise: the legislative competence orders (LCOs) are approved, rejected or withdrawn. Front-load your link text with the relevant terms and make them active and specific. Offer offline alternatives afterwards, when possible. Lists should be bulleted to make them easier to read. Very long lists can be written as a paragraph with a lead-in sentence if it looks better: ‘The following countries are in the EU: Spain, France, Italy…’ Lower case. Use local council instead of local authority where possible. If the measurement is more than one word, like kilometres per hour, then spell it out the first time it’s used with the abbreviation. Read more about writing legal content Upper case if used as the full title: the National Assembly for Wales (Legislative Competence) (Social Welfare) Order 2008. Always use the National Lottery if that’s what you mean. Abbreviating kilograms to kg is fine - you do not need to spell it out. Try (re)writing sentences to avoid the need to use it. Write email addresses in full, in lower case and as active links. ie - used to clarify a sentence - is not always well understood. EC should be used when it’s EC directives, EC Sales List. See eg, etc and ie Upper case because Excel is a brand name. Upper case in titles: Spencer Tracy, Executive Director, GDS. Lower case even in a name, like Warwick district council. Upper case for the Earth, Planet Earth and Earth sciences, with lower case for ‘the’. If that is not possible, use an alternative such as ‘meaning’ or ‘that is’.

Instead use ‘for example’ or ‘such as’ or ‘like’ or ‘including’ - whichever works best in the specific context. Try using ‘for example’ or ‘such as’ or ‘like’ or ‘including’. Write out in full at first mention, then call it the Commission. If you write content by starting with user needs, you will not need to use FAQs. Describe what the user might need to do, rather than what government calls a thing.

Upper case for named hurricanes: Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy.

Upper case as long as it’s a specific named organisation, not trading standards services in general. Use local council, instead of local authority where possible.

Lower case unless the full name of the foundation trust is being used: Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust.

You can make a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, but not a request under the FOI Act. You can use a capital for a shortened version of a specific area or region if it’s commonly known by that name, like the Pole for the North Pole.