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There was lack of chemistry throughout the whole session.

If I want to fluff up my ego then a youthful one will do that for me. One time I got a very good looking young girl who gave a good massage, but lack luster at best. In this position you are very "open" to an awesome is usually excellent due to the health of their money makers, the ones I have experience are in it to finish it. Now the mature girls, I'm talking late 30's and up are all about getting residual income. They give excellent , they is a woman that I always go to.With about 15 minutes left in the hour, she suddenly leaves and in a minute or two in walks the . She says she's 46, I could believe her, but my eyes never do.Got another older provider last week, complete girlfriend experience, the body of a teenage queen.I can tell she is into full service, complete roaming, licking on nipples, roaming inside pants full Everyone likes a young tight body on their prvider, but the older ladies know how to use it, and seem to enjoy it more.She cleans me up in the shower and takes care of herself too, she give a phenomenal massage and works my knots out with her elbows, and she never needs to ask what I want, she just asks "how much are you going to tip me".She doesn't have an "old lady" smell, and must do some sort of exercising because she stays tight.she even allowed me to massage her, we laughed, shared intimate stories, ect.During the with her panties on, going under the tight jean shorts.I am totally into mature and when I say mature I don't even mind if she is 60, provided she is into the massage and extras i.e she likes what she is doing.Of course the older can bring all their experience and expertise to the table ( if they are into it ).