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Labor says the Government's response is not good enough.It has proposed its own federal bill that would see people who share images - or threaten to share images - without consent jailed for up to three years."To clarify the serious and criminal nature of the distribution of intimate material without consent, legislation should be developed that includes strong penalties for adults who do so."In February, a Senate inquiry looking at revenge porn also recommended that the practice be criminalised."The present situation is unacceptable: victims of non-consensual sharing of intimate images should not be further disempowered and damaged by an inability to pursue alleged perpetrators," the inquiry's final report said.During the election campaign, the Minister for Women, Michaelia Cash, set aside million to help victims of revenge porn.

You can read the full report here."Existing laws that govern such offences do not adequately capture the scope or nature of these offences," the report, released in April, said.Hosting a so-called revenge porn website would result in a harsher penalty of up to five years in jail.Labor also wants to create specific offences for people who secretly install spying software on someone else's phone.Just two handfuls of the almonds will set you back about 240 calories. A 12-ounce can of soda contains 36g sugar—nearly 3 tablespoons.Try smearing 2 teaspoons chocolate-hazelnut spread on a graham cracker (Warning: That's not a lot.) Top with 1 teaspoon chopped nuts. Instead, mix 4 ounces lemonade with 8 ounces sparkling water. Trade the cheese-filled cracker-sandwich pack for this easy sweet-salty-savory combo: Spread 1 tablespoon part-skim ricotta on each of 2 thin, crisp multigrain flatbreads. They're heart-healthy, yes, but the peanuts contain 200 calories per ¼ cup.But, in fact, criminalising revenge porn lies with the state and territory governments, so the Federal Government doesn't have much of a role to play.The issue has been elevated to the Council of Australian Governments - basically a meeting of state and federal leaders - so there's potential for all jurisdictions to bring forward standardised or similar laws. Be careful: Some specialty beers can have up to 10% alcohol — more than wine.Instead of an ounce each of corn chips and sour cream, try fresh radishes for crunch, jalapeños for heat, and a small dollop of cool, creamy nonfat Greek yogurt. Corn chips aren’t just carbs; skip them, and you’ll save 10g fat per ounce.The phenomenon of sharing intimate images or videos of a subject without their consent is known as "revenge porn" because it often involves jilted ex lovers.Only Victoria and South Australia have laws that ban it.