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Other students will question whether the grading system is fair.

Other professors will question whether your significant other really deserves whatever praise they have received. So, even if both of you are incredibly mature and are able to mitigate the troubles of a serious power imbalance, the relationship will still be problematic from an academic standpoint.

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Their importance to the intellectual life of the University and the community at large confers on them, individually and collectively, certain responsibilities to the institution, to their students, and to their respective disciplines, in line with the University Code of Ethics, Section B of the Appendix.The University of Southern California exists for the common good, and not to further the interest of solely the individual faculty member or the institution as a whole.The common good depends upon the free search for truth and its free exposition. Academic freedom is essential to these purposes and applies to both teaching and research.As educational officers they should remember that the public may judge their profession and the University by their utterances.Hence, they should at all times be accurate, should exercise appropriate restraint, should show respect for the opinions of others, and should make every effort to indicate that they are not speaking for the University.(Some schools prefer to express the average profile as 3/9 – 4/9 each of teaching and research and 1/9 of service.) Although actual percentages may vary depending on the needs of the faculty member’s academic unit, it is expected that each tenured and tenure‑track faculty member will make a significant contribution in each of the three areas of responsibility, except that a research-only profile for a tenured or tenure-track faculty member may be established, only on a temporary basis and only with the Provost’s approval.Teaching-track, research-track, clinical-track, practitioner-track, and librarian faculty will have a different activity profile depending on the needs and expectations of the academic unit in which they serve.The University adheres to national standards and procedures concerning academic and professional freedom, academic tenure, and full academic due process.Chapter 4, Faculty Appointments, Promotions and Tenure; Chapter 7, Faculty Grievances; and Chapter 8, Faculty Dismissals, provide the details as to how this adherence is made specific.The faculty consists of those properly appointed members of the teaching and research staffs holding these faculty titles, whether or not tenured or tenure-eligible, whether full- or part-time.However, academic staff as listed in section 4-B(2)(h) are not designated as faculty.