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It generates single output from two sorted dataset.If you are new #MSBI request you read our previous written articles or watch our #MSBI videos.Both of these databases have the same data in table Customer_Detail with a unique key of cust ID. When applying a Merge Join, the data needs to be sorted for both inputs, hence I am applying a sort operation to both sides. = [ref_userid (1)]) As per the above package synchronization, I have performed insert, update and delete operations with data from the source to the destination.Then we changed some of the data on server A and now I want the data on server B to be the same for reporting purposes, so based on that I will demonstrate how to synchronize this data from server A to server B using a Merge Join in SSIS. An alternative to this step is to pre-sort the data in a query and use a SQL command instead of table. I have applied a full outer join on the unique column custid in the Merge Join. In SSIS, there are also other methods available for synchronization data such as using the tablediff utility in SSIS.We just not only provide training but videos which are not just theory and talks , its Step by Step demonstration with actual code and fundamentals. In this article session we will learn how to do load and update data in data table using merge join component in SSIS step by step.Merge Join : Merge Join tranforms two sorted dataset using INNER, FULL and LEFT join into single output.I have two SQL Server instances: server A and server B.I also have two different databases, Testing A on server A and Testing B on server B.

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So just right click on edit and configure it as shown in below image. Drag and drop component and configure it as per above condition as also shown in below image.Left Outer Join : It fetches if data present in the left side table.It preserves the unmatched rows from the left table joining them with a NULL value in shape of right table.Now to configure OLE DB command - select sql command as shown in below image.There in above image we wrote simple SQL Update command with "?So drag and drop two sort component and attach one to Data Conversion and another one to OLEDB source and depending on their Customer ID sort it to ascending order.Here we have sorted flat file data by Customer ID asc. Step 9 Here in this step we will drag and drop Meger Join component and attach both sorted datasets as shown in below image.Shiv Prasad Koirala in 2004 with a vision of spreading IT knowledge.If you are seeking to enter into IT world then come to us for professional learning environment.Only the records that are different will go to Step 6. Welcome, Very Good Morning / Afternoon / Evening friends - welcome to learn #MSBI step by step with Gurunatha S. Actually I wanted to start dimensions and measures with an example of slowly changing dimension component but suddenly changed my mind and thought before jumping into that let me just show you how to do insert and update data table using merge join then same load and update data table can be seen using slowly chagining dimension component. We are #Questpond an e-learning firm founded by Mr.