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I just share all of this because no matter what you are doing in life – don’t compare! If you have to compare, make it healthy and let it be motivation.

If you find yourself comparing, forward that energy into something better.

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Or, if he has a Wednesday off, I’ll coordinate my whole week so that on Wednesday I’ll be able to spend some time with him. Making the most of time off: I’m not going to say we are the best at this – when John is off work, he is usually working with me on a project.

Flexibility: I think being flexible during residency has made it so much better for us.

Obviously, his schedule is not flexible but mine is… If John is on nights, I typically will change my schedule up to align with his.

Really & truly, I don’t think I could do it without him as blogging requires me to wear SO many hats (literally and figuratively, haha.) Anyway, I get asked about residency a lot by you all – I actually decided not to do a post on residency because I didn’t think many would relate but over time I’ve had more requests so voila, here I am! We have surgery resident friends and it is SO much more intense than internal medicine.

I thought I’d share 8 ways to make medical school / residency a little better! But overall, residency is definitely not an easy time and it’s really hard to understand what it’s like unless you are actually going through it or you are married to someone going through it.