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Last summer, EPA bureaucrats were still crying at their desks over Trump's victory.

Cause of Action began investigating the use of Signal at the agency after reported EPA employees were using the encrypted app to plot resistance against the Trump administration.

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"These records also reveal that EPA employees installed a panoply of other applications—including email, sports betting, dating, and entertainment applications—that raise questions about the use of government-issued and taxpayer-funded mobile devices for personal purposes." Aside from Boycott Trump, hundreds of employees downloaded social media apps to their government phones.

The list includes Facebook (466 phones), Twitter (310 phones), Instagram (162 phones), and Reddit (20 phones).

Here are some red flags to look out for if you’re wondering if your partner or relationship is too good to be true.One employee downloaded the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel, while another preferred OK Cupid.Other employees used their phones for personal banking and finance, and many had gaming apps installed.Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request inquiring about employees use of Signal, an encrypted text messaging app, revealed EPA employees are using their government-issued phones for far more than government business.One anti-Trump employee downloaded the Boycott Trump app, which was created by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, the "home of The Resistance to Donald Trump and his agenda." The app alerts users to businesses that are connected to the Trump organization, so they can avoid their services."Based on the EPA's list of approved ‘Terms of Service' agreements, it appears that most of these applications were never authorized for work-related business," Cause of Action said."To the extent they were used for personal purposes, the EPA should take its workforce to task for abusing the privilege of a government-furnished and taxpayer-funded phone." "Simply stated, the EPA does not exist so its bureaucrats can spend the day watching Netflix, browsing e Bay, or swiping right on a dating application," the group said.At least one employee at the Environmental Protection Agency downloaded the app "Boycott Trump" on a government phone.Employees are also using dating apps, playing Candy Crush, and watching Netflix on their taxpayer-funded phones, according to a new report by Cause of Action Institute, a nonprofit oversight group.Fourteen employees had Angry Birds, while 32 had Candy Crush installed.Others played Blackjack or used the sports betting app Draft Kings.