Tips for dating a fireman

It would make all the difference while talking dirty to a girl!

Men make a lot of mistakes while talking dirty For most men, a sexual monster takes over them when they’re having sex.

Most couples feel that way after a few years of regular sex too.

Calling your girlfriend a “bad girl”, a “dirty whore” or a “f**kin’ bitch” is fun the first few times.

But if you say something too perverse too soon, she may just want to duct-tape your mouth while having sex for the rest of your life.

[Read: 10 things women need in bed to feel sexy and loved] Men are visual, women are better at imagination Do you ever feel like just having sex without saying anything to each other has started to get boring?

Say something tame and easy to start with, and work your way up as the days pass if both of you enjoy talking dirty and fantasizing while having sex.

Over time, both of you will get hornier, bolder and the fantasies too will start to get wilder.

] How to talk dirty to a girl If your girlfriend or wife tells you that she likes the idea of talking dirty, that’s great news!

[Read: 6 tips to sound really sexy in bed] The best way to talk dirty with a girl is when you’re doing the missionary and on top of her.

Run your hands through her hair and grab it gently behind her head.

You’re on a sexual frenzy and your mind is full of extreme acts and perverse thoughts.

But you need to remember that your woman can’t read your thoughts.